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Blackjack Strategy

There are literally thousands of different Blackjack strategies available online, but most are simply modified versions of the correct strategy to play for different Blackjack variants, so never pay for any kind of system or Blackjack strategy as you will be wasting your money as these can be found for free in the SpinPalace casino Canada - https://greatcasinocanada.com/casinos/spin-palace-casino/!

New players need to arm themselves with what is called a Blackjack strategy card for the Blackjack game they are intending to play, what these ingenuous cards do is tell you the correct Blackjack strategy to play when faced with any Dealers up card along with the cards you are holding.

The best part of using a Blackjack strategy card is that you will always make the correct move and the casino will have no objection in you using one! In fact they often sell them or give them away for free in the casinos gift shop, so go hunting and get yourself one!

Blackjack Strategy - Money Management

Best Blackjack strategy dictates that you should always put into play a good and very tight money management system when playing Blackjack, this may sound too complicated but it isn’t and by doing so you will always limit your losses and ensure when the cards start to fall your way you lock in a profit.

You first need to allocate yourself a bankroll, or kitty, and this is simply the amount of money you have available to play Blackjack with, common sense dictates that this should be money you have available and that you are can afford to lose, if Lady Luck isn’t smiling on you that day!

Then you need to work out, in advance your betting limits, a very good rule of thumb is to divide your bankroll by 25 and use that as you base stake. So if you have say, $100 in your bankroll for the Blackjack session that would equate to $4 per hand.

Blackjack Strategy - Stop Loss

You now need to decide a stop loss limit, this is simply an amount of money based on your bankroll that once reached you will stop playing, and call it a day and end that particular session.

A good Blackjack strategy calls for a stop loss limit of around 50% of your bankroll amount, so based on our earlier example if you have a bankroll of $100 then if you lose $50 then you have reached your stop loss limit and will leave the table.

The beauty of having a stop loss limit is that even if you are having a losing run you will still walk away with cash in your pocket and this is a good psychological boost, as going broke may have you ranting and raving!

Blackjack Strategy - Win Limit

You should also set yourself a winning goal, again you should choose a limit that is neither too high nor ridiculous, and a good Blackjack strategy will be to aim to win 50% of your bankroll amount.

So based on a bankroll of $100 then you should be aiming to win $50 in that particular Blackjack session, once you reach this amount you should stop playing and work out when you next wish to play, once again working out both a stop loss limit and a winning goal.
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